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Check out Kittyhawk doing some sweet gender bender art!

Thanks to mike for commissioning me! Here's the final #rule63 #KurokonoBasket #fanart & video:

More Dasien previews in a day or two...

Can't show anything right now, as that would be actual spoilers. But stay tuned!

Lots of red suit stuff coming up, so red suit fans get some love.

Also, stuff with Energize is coming up. I know the reveal in the first half of the story was kind of quick, but we've got actual flashbacks coming between Mike and Das.

Another Liberty comic is waiting in the wings. I'll work on that later this week, and you might get some previews of that.

Lots of great stuff coming. Thanks for waiting.

Dasien Flashback!


Another flashback with Dasien's old costume.

I'll admit, it's kinda fun to draw the old costume again, even if it's in flashback.

Figure I might as well keep the debate alive. Black versus red.

Another featured comic while we wait...

Dasien Beach Bash was a collab between Kittyhawk and me. I believe the original working title was BIKINI Beach Bash, but there's one-piece swimwear in this. And given my noted love for one-piece anything that shows legs, I think that was the wise choice.

This is only the second comic ever to feature Palody Celise is an active role, and she's already trying to set up a romance between the two lead girls. Such a strange passion project Palody has made for herself. Crazier yet, Parker actually goes along with Palody's schemes.

My favorite part of this comic isn't even Palody and her comedic antics. It's that for everything that goes wrong, Michelle and Parker actually do have a tender moment.

One of my favorite comics on the site for sure.

More Dasien Previews To Come!

I'm in the process of making a presentation for Nepath. If he okays it, then I'll more stuff to show.

Give me a couple days. Thank you all for waiting.

In other news, there may be another Liberty story before the next part of Dasien is published. It's something I can finish up quickly if I need some filler. So keep your eye out for that if you're into the Liberty stories.

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