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Give some love to Steve!

Amazing artist. Love his work, but I'm way to far behind on reading it. But it IS amazing!

Welcome to the Fox Hole

If youve read the comics this should make some sort of sense. Maybe not a lot but a little :D

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Lovely poses.

This was a Pin up I did for the Final issue of Skullkickers. When I got to do a couple short stories for issue #30 last August, I did one featuring AxeMan and Little Gun. I got to design them which...

The New Adventures Of He-Man

I kinda wanted to talk a bit more about this series, as it's mostly maligned, but I really do like the style of the show. It's kind of got that feeling of being dropped into an episode of Voltron or MASK. I mean, just look at this image. I love character designs like this.

Unfortunately, this show has a major identity crisis, as it's the continuation of a program that prided itself on being exclusively American-animated and is now being handled entirely by overseas studios. It's a clash that both Filmation fans and Japanese animation fans will have a tough time reconciling.

"You've got Jean Chalopin in my Lou Scheimer!"

"You've got Lou Scheimer in my Jean Chalopin!"

A yummy melding of peanut butter and chocolate this is not! It's more like bleach and amonia.

Like I said, I really love the faux anime sci-fi-meets-fantasy aesthetic, but it really hits a lot of speed bumps when trying to also driven by the original Masters Of The Universe style. New characters like Flipshot and Hydron look like they belong in the toy-driven Filmation series (mostly because they're clearly based on the action figures), and they look so out-of-place as a result.

They're even more out-of-place here than He-Man and Skeletor!

Other characters like Mara are more of a solid fit, but even she gets a warrior princess upgrade later (read: becomes a hottie), but she loses all grounding she had in the first place. Not to mention the fact that it happens in later episodes, when the animation style is a lot more derped.

I love the character designs of the evil mutants, especially Flogg, who is easily my favorite character in the show. And although I might get some flack for this, I REALLY love the new design of Skeletor!

Unfortunately, every cool factor of this show has an equal and opposite counter that just makes it unwatchable. There are so many times I'll catch part of a scene from this show, and I'll think that it's a show that I want to watch.

But then, I realize what it is and turn it off.

Oops! All Marshmallows!

Did this really quickie for a YouTube channel called Marauder EX. Chris does short videos called "Cereal Killer", wherein he adds marshmallows to cereal that were never intended to have marshmallows. The results are usually disastrous.

As some of you may well know, I was really excited about the Shining Force III Translation Project a few years ago, which is actually how I found Chris. Tactical RPGs are my favorite genre, after all.

I think Chris plans to play through the game again pretty soon. From what I'm aware, the newer version of the translation is mostly a spit-polish, fixing spelling and grammatical errors. Although one character has been renamed from "Hedoba" to "Hedva". I think that's the only major change.

You should also check out Kakeyo Silverton, the OTHER tactical RPG person on YouTube. She's a fan of the Fire Emblem series.

But I digress. CEREAL!

You know, I think it's too bad that Rice Krispie Treats Cereal is no longer a thing, because I would have loved to have seen the time-and-space-bending horror that would have occurred if Chris had added marshmallows to that.

Look at dem muscles!

I've been so out of the loop lately. No news about upcoming comics except that... uh... they're coming. In the meantime, here's something other than the deluge of cosplay.

I have a pretty extensive series of folders for when I need some poses. Unlike Greg Land, they aren't porn, but they quite literally giant folders of women that would put Mitt Romney to shame.

And yes, they are nice to look at, but I do attempt to keep them relevant to the subject matter. Ahem... Strong women kicking ass.

Every artist has these. They're full of stock location photos, bodies of men and women, props, animals, buildings... pretty much everything you'd need to draw a comic, actually.

Actually, Carl Banks used to collect National Geographic for location photos, which is why Uncle Scrooge would commonly visit Egypt and other exotic places.

Nowadays, we just use Google Images, aka, the best search engine ever.

Anyone who says that real artists don't use reference photos is an asshole.

New Wonder Woman is like The New Adventures Of He-Man

Yeah, that's right. You remember that weird anime-style He-Man cartoon that was sort-of in continuity with the Filmation series but also kinda not.

Anyway, look at their version of He-Man and compare him to the new redesign of Wonder Woman. Yeah, both look kinda cool. Both are toned down sexually. But they're both wrong. That's not He-Man, and that's not Wonder Woman!

I mean come on. YOU KNOW which versions of these characters you like. (Hint: Not the ones pictured here.)

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