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Strike a pose, Yuuks!

Yuuki looking like a true senshi!

Yes, It's Worth It, Hermod
Thank you so much to NetSenshi for this awesome fanart of Yuuki, Loki, and Hermod. I love it! Loki's face is great.

Donna Troy as Wonder Woman

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Excellent illo of the classic Dirty Pair!

Lines: @ Colors:
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Hmm... I forgot about The Apocrypha

With my illness keeping me down for a month, I actually forgot I was compiling a collection of "lost" Dasien stuff. That's still coming. Tons of old crap, easter eggs, and even the holiday stuff!!!!

One of the treasures is the surviving alternate version of Chapter 5, which has the old, shitty coloring style. Sadly, nothing else survives from the 2002 version of Dasien, except memories and shame.

I'm just kidding about the shame part. But really, it looked awful.

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"Last time on Dragon Ball ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

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Amazing Twitter artist you should check out!

Senaste Tweets frn D. SLOOGIE (@AngryangryD). David Liu. 2D Artist/Animator with @theoddgentlemen who brought you King's Quest. "ANGRYANGRYASIAN" for old/personal artwork on facebook/interwebs. #SpaceMaria. Austin, TX
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