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Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment take Batman fans on a journey into the iconic past with the full-length animated Batman feature film Batman: Re...

Okay, okay... Getting better.

You gave her her own identity (sort of). That's good. Now put her name on the book.

Iron Maiden was just too problematic

Birthday wishes from Kittyhawk!

Thanks, KH!

Dasien Cake?!
Happy Birthday to Dasien's TV's Mr. Neil! Parker has something for you!


Satellite9's Dasien!

Batman 66 meets The Avengers!

..except not THOSE Avengers.

England swings and so does the Dynamic Duo in this historic pairing of two of the hippest shows from 1960s television. DC Comics and BOOM! Studios join forces to bring these iconic characters together for the first time!

Giant glasses are awesome!

Seeing is believing! Those glasses...LOL.

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