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Pulsar Pureheart - Awesome Pose!

I'm spending way too much time on some of these drawings. But sometimes you got to get the butt just right.

I've often said that the quality of my artwork goes up and down depending on how much I enjoy drawing the character.

7 hours ago (comment or like)

Flying Goldie

What nefarious villain could possibly match the combined forces of Pulsar Pureheart and Dasien!

I don't know, either, but here's Goldie.

Yep, she has a flight pack.

And yes, I know it's spelled "scepter". I didn't want to look it up just for scratch dialogue.

And yes, the "Jade Cougar" is a slight nod to the Pink Panther diamond from the movies.

15 hours ago (comment or like)

Das is sick to her stomach

Kind of a crude drawing at the moment. I'll clean it up.

16 hours ago (comment or like)

Pulsar Pureheart's big poof of hair

You can never have too much hair!

16 hours ago (comment or like)

Dasien angry

Das yelling about something.

16 hours ago (comment or like)

I don't hate modern anime, but I do find it less appealing. In fact, that seems to be rather common among modern audiences. The anime fandom of today is minuscule compared to even ten years ago.

And while that makes me sad in one regard, the up-side is that the distaste that today's audiences have for anime seems to only apply to the modern styles. The retro style of anime is either largely unknown to modern audiences or is just now entering nostalgia. Old anime is something that is just now being rediscovered.

What's fun for me is that the audience that I have doesn't really think of what I draw as being Japanese-inspired, even though it technically is. I love that I can get away with cribbing from Dirty Pair and Birdy The Mighty without being labeled a weeaboo. It's kind of a nice wave to ride at the moment.

16 hours ago (comment or like)

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