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Site's back, but may go down again. Don't panic. It's not like I've had an update in a while.

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One. Two. Is this thing still on? Stuff might be happening again soon.
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Mario & Luigi Are Back!
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Sorry I've been out of communication for a while, folks. Traveling and other personal business has kept me busy.

Hey, looks like Gene-Sis may be getting its own comics soon! I think it's a good idea. Paulo's got a cute style, and it's nice to see a super team book out there that takes the diverse power team (ala Fantastic Four) and do something fun with it. ...unlike the Hollywood adaptations.

There actually are a few comics out there featuring Mel and her pals, including the Dasien Halloween crossover that I did a couple years ago. I think Paulo should compile some of those and put them on a comic hosting site of some sort.

Just remember to use PNGs on Drunk Duck.

Mel, Ignis, Neblina (and Beaverzator) belong to
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Kittyhawk is doing commissions!

That's right! I'm doing commissions! Just email me at what you'd like, and we'll get the ball started. I do sketches, color illustration, and quick comics. Get your fav character or OC! Anything within reason and law! :D

Head to Sketchbook for more examples:
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Mark Crilley!

"Mastering Manga 3" at Amazon: How to Draw a Male Face: "The Drawing Lesson" at Amazon...
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