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Black & white stuff!

Dasien Chapter 11 Final Page Count

111 page, not counting the cover and recap page.

All pages are finally drafted, though not yet completed.

Ongoing Dasien cameo in Energize Black!

I know you guys are starved for more Dasien, and you'll have to wait a few more days, but you can get some Dasien in the latest pages of Energize Black on Drunk Duck!

Also, Nepath is far too modest. I told him that his rendering of Dasien is phenomenal, and he goes, "It's getting there." No, dude. Dasien is SCORCHING HOT in these pages. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

I'd like to say that this was planned, but it wasn't originally, Dasien made her exit. But after Man in Blacks comment, and some helpful cooperation from Neilsama, we now have Energize vs []Dasien[/url]! More to come soon.

Black & white stuff!

Dasien cameo in Energize: Day 2

For now, this is a very limited appearance. However, you can expect an expanded version of this scene later this year.

Another page, and Beth begins to wonder if this could actually be Mike back from the dead. Could it? Also, a little revelation to how close they actually were all those years ago, as they were engaged. For those who haven't figured the timing yet, Beth and Mike met during his 10 year self imposed ex...
2 weeks ago (comment or like)

Well, well, well...

Look who showed up.

Dasien finally makes her long-anticipated cameo debut in the proper Energize comic.

So I have been a little slack on the updates but I haven't gone away. I have been working on some pages which I will tell you about now. In this latest page, just before we cut away to Beth, a certain Dasien has come to Falcon City to check out this new Energize. Das was pretty close to the original...
2 weeks ago (comment or like)

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