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Best homage ever!

What the double heck?!

Harley Quinn gets a pair of unexpected visitors when Power Girl crash lands down by the beach and Madame Macabres son Mason returns. Coney Island is about to get even weirder for Harley because not only did Power Girl fall

Speaking of the Dasien Holiday Digest...

I wasn't planning on having extra contributors to the Holiday Digest this year, but the more I thought about it, it seemed harmless to ask.

If you want to do something, just do something simple, like a single-page comic. It doesn't even have to be holiday themed. Just something fun and/or silly.

Any character you want. Any situation you want.

I'm not expecting any contributions, but I'm leaving the door open.

Update Oct 19, 2014

Comics are VERY close to completion. However, time is not going to permit me to have the next page up by the end of the day. Chances are extremely likely that the next update will be Monday morning.

I'm hoping to have the entire chapter finished in the next couple of days. Then, I can start working on the Dasien Holiday Digest!

Progress Update

Still planning on a weekend update.

The last stretch of Chapter 10 has been subject to a lot of shuffling and editing. I'm actually very pleased with how the art is coming, but I had some pacing issues that needed to be dealt with.

I've actually removed a couple pages, because I felt I might be introducing my villain too quickly. But doing so also decompressed some other scenes, and I'm moving art assets around so that they flow a bit better with the revisions I've made.

I've been doing this all day, and I'm starting to get a little frazzled.

By the way, the pages I removed can be serviced and used in the next chapter. I just need to change the situation slightly.

I won't lie; the chapter is largely uneventful, aside from Dasien getting her new costume. But there is a payoff coming.

Oh, is there a payoff coming!


Whew! Shuffling illustrations around. I'm having some issues with pacing in the later pages of chapter 10. I'm moving a lot of art assets around, changing lines, tightening up conversations, and making the overall story more readable.

There are new two pages I've removed (to be resuscitated in later chapters), because they gave away plot points I'm not ready to reveal just yet.

That is to say, I'm not ready to reveal my villain yet.

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