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Kittyhawk wins! She is the 24-Hour Challenge GRAND CHAMPION!!!

And in first place in the grandmaster 24-page category, Kittyhawk (Kara Jay) accrued a massive 93 votes with her comic 'God Save the Busty Queen', winning a table at a SupaNova of her choosing- congrats Kara!
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Parker on Twitter

Dasien's Facebook appears to be run by some pervert who likes posting cosplay girls. Love the muscle chicks though!
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Ms. Marvel!

Do I use the ellipsis correctly?

Probably not, but I use it in the comic to control the reader's pace, because it indicates a pause. I can be very particular about how I think the dialogue should sound, but it's nearly impossible to convey that in comics. (Incidentally, that's why I think that facial expressions are so important, because you can infer a character's mood from their expression.)

I try not to overuse the ellipsis. I've seen comics become nearly unreadable because of this. If the author is constantly breaking apart the sentence structure with ellipses, the reader will start losing any sense of syntax. It looks like a jumble of words, and you literally don't know what the characters are saying.

In formal writing especially, you should only use an ellipsis to signal to the reader that some piece of a quotation is removed.

Dasien is ready to kick ass and look great doing it!

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