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James Gunn is Un-fired from Guardians 3!

Good. I guess that means the court of public opinion has a parole system. Let's also hope it has a double jeopardy clause.

And what I mean is, no more digging through his past to find unpleasant humor. He's inoculated from outrage porn now. You don't get to do this again.

It's dumb enough that it happened the first time. The guy wrote and directed Tromeo And Juliet, for crying out loud. If you didn't know this guy had a dark humor streak in him, then you don't know him at all. Watch that movie, and you will immediately understand that what happened to Gunn was completely stupid.

The filmmaker had been fired in July 2018.

Battle Angel Alita

The original version. In English, of course!

Gunnm : Battle Angel Alita OVA 1993 (English subtitles)

That time Wonder Woman became Thor...

Well, technically. I mean, claiming Mjolner does technically make you Thor...maybe not THE Thor.

Wait, did Odin actually name him Thor or does the hammer make him Thor?

I'm so confused.

Classic Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel

Always have and always will have a thing for the old Carol. Powerful as hell and badass-looking. One of my favorite costumes ever.

Other people draw my shit!

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Celebrating International Women's Day the Montrose Way!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Happy International Women's Day!

#InternationalWomensDay #ExpressYourself #gymnastics
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