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Commissions open!

Want a sexy commission?! I'm offering them this week. Between $20 and $30, dependant upon the level of detail, but chances are I'll negotiate a deal if it's something I REALLY enjoy drawing. (Hint: Ask me to draw a super sexy girl, and I'll gladly slash the price!!!)

Got an OC?! Got a favorite character you've always wanted to see in a skimpy costume?!!? Would you like me to draw YOU as a super sexy girl?!!??!!!?! I'll do it for you! It's that easy!

Just comment below this post or send me a private message!

I accept Paypal.

Pulsar Pureheart

Last time Pulsar ventured into Stratford City, Das was kind of a jerk to her. I'd like to do another meet-up someday, perhaps in which Pulsar stands up to Das a little.

Look at the bright side, though. At least Das didn't call her P-P.

Sexy stance!

Like I said, there's a lot of Dasien standing around, because I REALLY enjoy drawing these poses. I live for it.

Coming in for a landing...

Dasien elegance at its best.

Pose fixed from the other day...

Das Throw!

Again, for storyline purposes, I can't tell you who she's fighting. Is it friend or foe? Is it a cameo? Eventually, you'll know. And I'll stop being a rhyming schmo.

I like this posture, as it conveys motion very well, but I can see the errors. The leg that's farther from camera has a scale issue that probably needs to be fixed.

Almost passive-aggressively (and with the encouragement of Kittyhawk), I've been restoring Dasien's hourglass figure to a degree. You'll also see that the hips of her costume are cut a bit higher now, and her boobs are getting touched up as well.

I have a habit of reflexing to pop trends. There seems to be a little bit of a war against cheesecake these days, so Das might be a little bit sexier in this next chapter. I'm definitely enjoying the change.

To some degree, Dasien IS supposed to be bigger than she was in the first arc, having packed on a bit of muscle. And I was enjoying the bulked up body. Not gonna lie, I kinda got a thing for big girls. But I think I can strike a balance between the larger body and more feminine features.

Physically, Dasien is supposed to be dynamite.

There won't be any in-story explanation for inconsistencies. Just make a mental note that your humble author can't make up his fucking mind.

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