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Hey, what happened to Grace?!

The latest episode says that Parker is living single again. So something must have happened. You're darn right it did!

Remember that wedding band that Grace had? Yeah, I don't exactly stay on top of call-backs, but it's there in previous chapters.

Well, you can probably guess that Grace went back to the hubby, but the drama that plays out is something you're not going to want to miss!

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Palody returns!

Palody, weirdly enough, is still one of the harder characters for me to draw. For one thing, her head is a like a bean. You don't even see the shape under all that hair, but I can't get her to look right unless I start with that bean shape. Also, something about the way her hair parts is awkward for some reason.

Hmm... And I think I got one of those eyes crooked.

The other problem with her is that she rides the fine line of looking like a child. She's actually supposed to be a small woman. You know, one of those women who are so short they almost pass for a child. Argh! So hard to get that right!

Anyhoo, Palody is going to be a lot of fun in the upcoming story. Prying into Parker's business and trying to set her up with Michelle.

She's so much fun to write, though not quite as fun as Dave. But she can be in more scenes than Dave can.

Dasien resumes! New page! Yay!

Old buddies reunite! It's been quite a while since Das and Parker have been together.

Things are finally getting back to normal!

or so they seem!

Two good friends reunited!

I've been dragging to get this stuff done.

I'm working on multiple pages at once, so that's part of the reason for my sluggishness.

Get ready for a whole load of pages coming your way!

Getting back on track.

Due to some conflicts of time and overall lack of sleep, I didn't get as much done this week as I wanted, but I did get enough to put together a weekend release for the next part of Dasien. Just have some little things to finish up this evening.

I'll probably put it up on the site right away, and then I'll add it to Drunk Duck in the morning.

Thanks for waiting. Thanks for reading.

Energize Unleashed continues on Nepath's Tumblr page.

The story has only just started, and while it opens in the future of the H-Universe (Dasien's home world), the story will eventually lead to a reboot of the Energize storyline.

And yes, there may be some Dasien easter eggs in later chapters, so stay on top of this one!!!

Energize Unleashed: Act I - Page 05

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