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Finally, somebody is talking about why subversion sucks.

Every bad writer: "I don't want to write that story, because it's cliche."

It comes across like many writers and fans now believe that shock value is the most important aspect of writing. Why is more predictable writing and the use...

Dumpster diving an old hard drive and found this...

What the heck is this even from?! I don't remember. It's not Crossoverlord, and Double-M never appeared in the red suit era.

Must have been a fan art or something.

Look at the old hair swoops. I might bring those back in a way, but not as obnoxiously as they used to be.

Clara Bow & Silent Movie Stars

You know how I'm always talking about the advantage of having a good sense of facial expression in comics, because, with the lack of sound, it allows you to convey a thought or an emotion without loading up a word balloon or a narration box.

As an experiment, I wanted to check out silent movies just to see how another medium dealt with the lack of sound. I've always thought of silent movies as being a little campy due to the stereotypical over-acting, wide-eyed expressions, but to my surprise, that wasn't always the case and some actors and actresses developed a gift for toning it down while still being utterly captivating.

I picked out Clara Bow, partially because of Clara's half-lidded mesmerizing gaze that will certainly grab your attention any time you see her. But Clara can do subtlety. The way her eyes could dart around and cycle through parenthetical expressions, often conveying a conflicted sense of unease, was utterly brilliant. She knew how to make you feel that there was something pressing on her mind with just a look. She had command of the camera.

It's a shame, then, that while she made the transition into sound film, she felt out-of-step, constricted, and even distracted by the presence of microphones on the set, having the same sort of discomfort for it as did Charlie Chaplain.

The silent era may not be many people's go-to for classic cinema, but I think it's a good tool for artists looking for ways to convey a performance through the silent medium of comics, because it allows you to see how dynamic the human face really is without being distracted by what you hear.

Or you can just watch normal TV with the sound off, but I don't think that's anywhere near as fun or interesting.

Artist: David Lui, aka D.Sloogie

This guy is such an amazing artist. Some of us wish we could emulate our favorite cartoons that we watched as a kid. This guy actually does that. What I really like is that he not only mimics the line art and coloring style, but he'll artificially age his art to look like it's either a low-res print or recorded via VHS.

That takes a degree of love for an era that I can only admire.

He's so close to classic anime that as I was attempting to find some samples on Pinterest, I was having a hard time telling his stuff apart from official art from the 80s. It's that close.

I believe he's done work for independent video game publishers and I think he's done covers for the Udon Group. He probably gets work all the time, but I just haven't dug deeply enough. He is easily my favorite modern artist.

Dare I say, I think I put him above Adam Warren. Yikes!

Das is always full of joy.

...err, except when supervillains show up.

2 weeks ago (comment or like)

I can't get enough of this guy's art!

Perfectly captures the 80s/90s anime aesthetic. (And probably just a wee bit better quality than how those old cartoons actually look.)

Some #GameGyaru Arina and Rosalina
2 weeks ago (comment or like)

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