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Again, using action figures to pose these out. ...with some embellishment. As long as I get the angle right, I can make adjustments on the fly.

I hate flat angle shots, by the way. I usually end up using them, because they're easy. This is much closer to the type of shot composition I've always wanted.


Dasien to the rescue! While I await the delivery of my newly-purchased poser dolls (which may or may not ever arrival; I'll explain some other time), I've found substitute photo references in more common action figures. This one was done with an old Batgirl doll.

One technique I've employed here in addition to the pose has been relative camera placement. For optimal effect of having Das move away from the camera, I've literally placed the doll at different focal distances to achieve the distortion caused by near and far camera distances.

One interesting aspect of using a photo ref is arm placement. I've spoken in the past of my poor grasp of the Z axis, and it hurts my art a lot. I can already tell you that I would never have placed the arms as they are unless I had it in a photo.

The desired effect, of course, was the sort of dynamic camera moves you get in classic anime. Now, I feel compelled to remind SOME of you that this is NOT Dragonball Z. Some of you guys really need to watch some Birdy.

Dot eyes!

Dasien's eyes become Cal Art dots only when she's very far away from the camera.

Hands on hips!

My favorite pose, apparently. Hey, it's a commanding pose. I think it's sexy. Don't ask why.

Bust adjustment.

Dasien's body seems to be in constant flux as I try to nail down her exact body type...still, after all these years.

My in-universe explanation is that her vector-enhanced DNA is making her bigger. She doesn't even have to work out!

But yeah, the boobs are going to be a little bigger in the next chapter, because enough people demanded it.

Adding some anime poses to Dasien

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