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Can't post your porn comics on Tumblr, eh?

Well, give The Duck a try. Just rate properly, and be sure to use PNGs.

Since I've reviewed both other seasons of Daredevil, I figured I'd talk about the Third - and last ? - season and then chat a tiny bit about the sudden cancelling of the series and the rest of the Netflix Marvel Universe.ReviewIt was excellent. I understand that the second .../>/>/>/>/>/>/>

Classic Stripperella review from GCRN!

Official Post from Dasien: Hey, everyone! As you know, we lost Stan Lee last month. Here's a review of one of my favorite things he ever made. The Spike TV series, Stripperella!I recorded this review along with TFG1 Blanchard. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!Original post:https://www.geekcas...
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Netta Laurenne - Rising Force

If ever there could be a series theme song, I think this is it!

A clip from the band rehearsals at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki 7.3.2017. Video and sound by Rosku Lohiniva. Vocals: Netta Laurenne Guitar: Teemu Mntysaari ...
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A Blast from the Past!

Here's an interview I did back in 2013, shortly after I brought the comic back.

I'll be re-releasing a bunch of podcast appearances I did throughout the month of December.

Thanks for listening, and I'll have some real news soon.

Official Post from Dasien: Hey, gang! It's a blast from the past! This is an old interview I did on Geekcast Radio about five years ago, after Dasien came back to the internet. You can hear me talking about the Dasien series as well as Crossoverlord.I'll be posting some classic podcast on which I ap...
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Bootleg Anime: Odin

I've never seen this one before, either. But I'm loving the way these western dub actors are hilariously pronouncing each other's Japanese names.

Here is the movie Odin, (aka Odin: Photon Sailer Starlight) dubbed and released by Manga UK in 1994. This is the edited version of the movie, which was cut f...
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Let's make it a double feature!

Here's a second bootleg anime called They Were 11! Ten cadets come aboard, but eleven are present.

Tada is a young man on the fast track to the Cosmo Academy -- a school which only accepts applicants every three years, and whose entrance rate is under 1%. ...
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