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When tracking Energize, a Heroes Unite agent steps over the line.

Page 1 (updated Monday, 24 July 2017).
More Sexy Fusion!

I found an unreleased Sexy Fusion illustration back from the old Crossoverpower brainstorm sessions. (Crossoverpower is on hold at the moment.)

Again, this isn't something that's going to happen. It was just a silly idea. But I love this costume, so when another one popped up on my hard drive, I had to share it immediately.

Fusion's pretty great. Go check out the comic series here:

Fusion by Sean Boyer.

4 hours ago (comment or like)

Melancholy Parker

Oh my GOD! This was a fucking bitch to draw! The problem is that we have a parenthetical expression. Parker is very upset here, but she's also got her buddy Das there to cheer her up, so I have to draw an expression that's mostly sad but also shows signs that Das just said something really sweet to her.

And what's worse is that I'll probably wake up tomorrow and notice that the whole face is crooked or something dumb like that.

These parenthetical expressions are ones that you have to micro-manage into the ground until you get it just right.

Energize Hunted has arrived!

Yeah, we'll get back to Fearless later. For now, let's get to the BIG story.

New SGVY Sexy Fun!

Go check it out at!

SGVY Edda 14.9: The New Girl
Head on over to for a new issue!

Haruki finds himself with a triple threat... no, make that a SEXTUPLE THREAT! Of boobs! Otsana and Shebi are moving back in with a new friend, Fuyuko the Ptarmigan Valkyrie! Wackiness ensues!


This is a perfect parody of everything I HATE about how people think and writers write.

The part that knocked me on the floor is the scene in which prequel Han learns to hide under the floor, thus setting up the scene in Ep IV in which they hide from Stormtroopers.

That is NOT character development, and if anyone thinks it is, I will give you my home address, so you can come here and I can punch you in the face.

Rich and Mike guess at what terrible ideas will be in the new Han Solo stand alone adventure by Disney's Star Wars!

Comic Update: Late July

Well, I'm VERY pleased to say that the next portion of Dasien pushes the chapter to over 60 pages, and that's not even the finale!

I said back in January that Chapter 11 would be the biggest Dasien chapter ever, and it is. Holy shit it is. It's also the most heart-breaking. It affected me when I wrote it, because I had to go to a pretty dark place to find the appropriate emotions for it.

In the second act, Michelle Knight opens up on pretty much the entire Energize/Dasien back story. This includes mild retcons of past events (basically re-writing the ending of Energize/Dasien) and adding a lot of details about their past that fans had long suspected.

How will Mike's demise affect Dasien? What can Parker do to help her best friend? What's in that present that Palody has for Michelle? What does Critter do around the apartment all day?
When will we ever see Dave again?

And what the heck is going on over on Energize's Drunk Duck page??? Is anyone reading that?!!?

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