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Tig Ol Biddies!

Reader RedInk gets his wish for one day. Dasien with bigger boobs. Don't get used to it!

Personally, I say you can't improve upon perfection.

Drew some stuff recently, including making a man's dreams come true. Head on over to Sketchbook for more! (Sorry, Dasien XD )

Das in action!

Work work work work...

Roundhouse Kick!

So I've been having trouble with this. I've always had troubles with the z-axis. Anything that comes at the camera.

What do you guys think? Does it look alright?

Nuther teaser...

Some day...

Comics are coming eventually.

Also, I'll be releasing some new content soon. And maybe not what you were expecting.

Energize Black continues!

Energize has another vision. Once again remembering his death, remembering his first date with Beth. And something else... Thanks for reading and commenting!

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