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Mike becomes cognizant of his true origin and takes the fight to both Saroth and Chegwin.

Page 26 (updated Tuesday, 7 March 2017).
Next Week!


This is part of an upcoming Energize story. I actually need permission from Bombshell's creator before I go any further, but seeing as this is part of an unfinished story, I anticipate that this wil resume without a hitch.

Fearless - Friday, June 2, 2017

Anyone want to proofread pages?

50 Energize pages. Looking to zap typos.

Fixing Energize!

About ten upcoming pages had to be salvaged from Drunk Duck. They look AWFUL. This is what I'd been complaining about ever since DD's compression algorithms were put in place by the Platinum Studios people.

It's a very slow process, and I don't intend to do a thorough restoration, but you can see how significantly improved the clean-up is.

And yes, I had to re-letter everything, because it was unreadable.

Titan's Story

Hey, if you're tired of downtime, Nepath is publishing a new story based on the Energize/HU character Titan. The story lines up shortly after Dasien's involvement in the EGO crisis (the rogue satellite story).

Check his Drunk Duck archive daily.

Also, come back to in a couple weeks to read the story of Fearless, another post-EGO story.

Titan featured in the second and final Energize story arc and most people knew who she was from Heroes Unite but there are some that probably don't, so I decided to replay the Heroes Unite story that dealt with her origin here. Updating 2 pages a day until completed - Heroes Unite: Salvation - The S...

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