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Neil and Kittyhawk trade comic assignments, and two heroes celebrate Thanksgiving!

Page 2 (updated Thursday, 26 November 2015).
I think Comic Genesis caught on to my shenanigans.

Comic Genesis features comics on its front page based on which ones most recently updated their RSS feeds. Although I had moved away from Comic Genesis some time ago, I had cleverly tied my old DasienComic URL to the newer URL, and thus Comic Genesis was still reading my RSS updates as if I was still there and putting Dasien on the front page.

That seems to have stopped. Oh well. How much traffic was I really getting from them anyway? Probably not a lot.

But still, kinda funny.

Oh! Back story behind the two URLs. I've probably told this story before, buuuut...

For a number of years, Dasien's URL was dasiencomic[dot]com, because some asshat had decided to cybersquat my intended address, I don't know why anyone would cybersquat the URL of a low-readership Keenspace comic, but he did.

And yes I KNOW that I was the target, because he registered it on the same day that I announced I was buying a domain name. I had to pretend like I wasn't interested in for like three years until it finally lapsed. (Moral lesson: Don't announce that you're buying a URL until after you've got it.)

I've never had much to say about my squatter, except that I hope he steps on Legos.

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Neil and Kittyhawk trade comic assignments, and two heroes celebrate Thanksgiving!

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY)

Warm-up Sketch on the eve of Thanksgiving

Took about 40 minutes. I was mostly futzing around with costume detail; mostly the wrinkles.

I absolutely love the upper body bulk. She's not overly muscular or anything, but she does have some lean mass in her chest and shoulders.

I might have gotten a little pervy with that reverse shot.

Some of these may actually end up in the comic, if I can work them in. (Especially that reverse shot.)

Something coming!

How do I tease yet another Kittyhawk page without spoiling what the gag is about?

Simple! I lie! The image here is a complete lie. This doesn't happen. No no no.

But it'll get boners rising, which is what Dasien is all about!

Check out Kittyhawk's awesome TG-magical girl comic at!

The Yuuki Holiday Edition 2015 is FUNTASTIC!

Bonus comic!

Dasien has to go to a convention. Who does she leave in charge of the apartment to watch the cat. You'd think it would be Parker, but...

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