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SGVY cosplay!

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Exceptionally cute Wonder Woman by Natalia Ninomiya


Jersey Girl!

This is Jersey Girl. Yes, that's her name. No, I have no actual intention of using her. She doesn't even have a color scheme, though anyone who wants to give it a go can come up with one.

Jersey Girl was part of my very short series on "How to design cool and sexy costumes that don't piss people off...kinda". It was a not-so-serious approach to an instructional piece that wasn't really instructional. I was mostly venting and extending the proverbial middle finger to the superhero costume design police on the internet. One of my instructionals even explained how to fool angry people on Tumblr into thinking that you're not really a pervert.

I *was* kidding with all of this. Well, uhh...sort of. That is to say, I don't actually believe that my views on costume design should arbitrate how superhero costumes should be made. I was basically just expressing some of my don't-give-a-shit theories of designing costumes, which, ironically, I do give a lot of shit about.

There are "rules" to my costume design theories, though, and contrary to popular belief, it's not all anarchy and sexy legs all the time. There is a measure of restraint to what I do, and there are design choices I won't make.

The don't-give-a-shit part comes in how I view modern socio-political criticism (or social media criticism, as some prefer to call it) that comes loaded with hyperbole and stilted terminology. I make it a point to tell those people to fuck off.

The most basic rule I have is that no matter what, the costume has to actually look cool. I know, that's extremely arbitrary, but if you exert some style and flair into your costume designs, then it makes a huge difference when trying to differentiate it from a glorified piece of lingerie.

And in that respect, yes, I do think that Jersey Girl's costume is pretty neat, even if a little simple. Even if you wanted to be no fun and throw a pair of jeans on her, she'd still look pretty awesome.

But why would you do that?

Um... okay.

Now the question is, will her costume be comicbook-accurate?

Normally I would say not a chance, but it's Olivia Munn, for whom my familiarity doesn't go beyond being eye candy on Attack Of The Show. Admittedly, I've never seen The Newsroom, so maybe she's stepped up her acting game.

Or maaaaaaybe they're looking put her in that one-piece number and thighhigh boots.

And part of me really hopes that both are true.

Hey, I can dream.

"Geek goddess" and The Newsroom actress Olivia Munn has been cast as Betsy "Psylocke"

And here's a little Easter gift of my own!

It's Yuuki having a little Easter fun!

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY)

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