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No Context

Two separate practice drawings just kind of go together by happenstance. Do I have a place for this in the story? Yeah, I think so. Again, it just kind of fits with another scene I've got, so I'll use it.

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SGVY, Magical Girl Neil, and Dasien.

Dear god, I wake up this morning to find this. Now I have cavities.

A Lady and Her Age
This is so great! Satellite Nine made everyone look so cute too! Be sure to check out Satellite Nine's Magical Girl Neil and TV's Mr. Neil's Dasien!
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One Week! Can Neil make it?!

Okay... Time to start getting real. Got a smack myself on the cheeks a couple times. Throw water in my face. Psyche myself up! Chug some caffeine! GET IN THE GAME!!!

All I know is that every time I set a date, I usually slip past it. BUT!!!!!!!!many-exclamation-points.... I do deliver. There is new Dasien RIGHT around the corner, and it heavily follows the four-part Hunted Saga of Energize, obviously.

I have to admit, there's some retconning coming. A lot of stuff that was never established before in either Energize or Dasien is about to be laid out at your feet, which is kind of bullshit (I admit), but it's important moving forward.

Because even I am not such a hack that I wouldn't understand that the Energize bit should be an important piece of the overall story. What way this impacts the story is not something I'll reveal right now, but it's important.

And I might even be misdirecting you with my 4-dimensional chess-playing.


Energize Hunted #4

It all ends here.

Or is it a beginning?

Dasien Comic Progress

This is going to be down to the wire. I'm planning on having the second part of Dasien Chapter 11 published on August 22nd (my birthday, btw). I've reached the point in production in which everything stops looking like a mess and starts looking like an actual comic. Still lots of coloring to be done and word balloons.

What's coming up is by far the saddest part of the chapter. Dasien attempts to cope with the loss of Energize. Parker is there for her, and the two girls talk about the events of the past.

If you wanted to know more about what happens between Dasien and Energize during their short time together, boy you're going to get it, tits and all.

Just don't forget to bring a box of Kleenex.

Um... For the tears, of course. You pervs.

Ladybeard Cosplays Cammy

...Because I know you were begging for it.

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