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The next chapter of Dasien is going to be very hero-centric. Not only will Das come face-to-face with a rival superhero, but we'll find out about some of the classic heroes from Dasien's world, some with which you may be familiar.

Now, these are rather nudge-wink cameos, as some of them are still technically under copyright, but I can get away with generic representations just fine. For example, I'm sure you can recognize the dashing hero on the left.

But who is that chap on the right? Hmm... A clue may be hidden in plain sight. He also is perhaps the earliest costumed hero in existence.

Is he in heaven? Is he in hell...

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A Tribue to Stan Lee

Neil appears on a podcast honoring the legacy of Stan Lee.

GCR 190 - Remembering @TheRealStanLee featured banner art done up by @scp21. #ripstanlee #stanlee The podcast will be out later today.


Next Chapter???

I don't know. I've got a lot of work to do yet. My illness this year (of which I've fully recovered) had put me way behind. All I can say is that everything I teased is still happening. Even the Apocrypha. I just haven't had the mental ability to bunker down on everything I had planned.

I can probably make some sort of statement about Chapter 12 next month. Stay tuned for news, teasers, and whatever.

You can always follow Dasien on Facebook. If you're reading this on the website, just click on the Dasien on Facebook header, and it'll take you there.

I love you guys. Thanks for sticking with me.

Dasien over the years...

She's changed so little, and yet she's changed a lot!

It's been my skill as an artist that's been the largest change. Poses are better, models are *slightly* more consistent, and characters actually have recognizable faces now.

Das herself is a lot bulkier and has a more dynamic presence than she did in those early pages. She looks like she could shoulder-check you, and it would hurt.

In the old pages, she was basically a supermodel, albeit badly drawn. Poses were stiff. Symmetry was awful. Colors were atrocious. I can barely look at it!

I think I'm only able to appreciate, at most, the last three chapters from the present. It's both encouraging to see my skill improve but also embarrassing to see what I used to publish.

Das always gotta pos cool...

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