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Preview of the Dasien Swimsuit Issue!

Here's a neat forced perspective trick to compensate for height differences between characters. Since Lord Crimson is about a foot taller than Rouge, we have to use an optical illusion to create that size difference in our poser references.

The taller character is placed in an elevated position in the foreground. The smaller character is a few inches away, standing on the actual desktop. Positioning the camera carefully to line up the feet (you can use other visual markers in your picture, as I have), snap the two characters separately and then composite them together in a photo editor.

Once you've done your composite, you have your visual reference to trace. I still had to make a few manual adjustments to more convincingly have the characters touching, but the end result is pretty cool.

There's a whole bunch of swimsuit fun coming! Stay tuned!!!

Never too late for a do-over...

So you know that commission who screwed me over? I'm going to reuse that for the upcoming (and very late) swimsuit issue. Yes, never let good work go to waste. Just detonate the shit that doesn't work and turn it into something great.

...after I complete a few more commissions. I know, you guys are waiting, but I owe Red a commission, and he's been very patient.

Gonna be a busy weekend here at Das HQ!

What happens to unpaid commissions...

Guy never paid for this. I said I accept Paypal. He was determined to not pay, and I could do nothing to enforce it. I did, however, make it known what he did.

This picture will probably be cannibalized for the swimsuit issue coming soon. We still have a couple weeks left in summer, right? sigh......

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Swimsuit Issue coming...

Still got some stuff to finish. Stay tuned! It's special, I assure you.

I mean... It's swimwear. You know ME!

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Adam Warren's Dirty Pair meets Superman!

Adam Warren's Partreon is worth checking out for $3 a month. I don't maintain a monthly subscription, but I think this one is worth throwing a few scheckles at him.

So the story behind this is that Adam pitched a Dirty Pair/Superman crossover to DC and they were like, "Oh no no nononono!!!!" And if that was 1997 DC, just imagine what they'd say today. They'd probably burn Sempai Adam at the stake for pitching a Superman story featuring two broads baring so much skin! (Not to mention the comic reviewers on YouTube who would have a collective aneurysm! )

Why would you crossover Superman with Dirty Pair? I dunno. Why not?! For the sheer WTF factor. That's why!

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