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Tom duBois

If you were a gamer in the 90s, you know his art.

Tom duBois is an illustrator who created the elaborate paintings used on North American Konami box art and magazine ads from 1988 to 1994. This is his story....

Oh wow! Dasien and Titan Girl!!!

Kittyhawk provides yet another pic of Das and Titan Girl!

Who is Titan Girl, you ask??? Uh... STAY TUNED!!!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Montrose and!

And thank you, Kittyhawk!

Santa Babes
It's beginning to look a lot like #Christmas Because it's Christmas Eve! If you need a little pick me up, here's two sexy ladies drawn by two awesome dudes: ReD InK's Titan Girl ( and TV's Mr. Neil's Dasien. Merry Christmas!

Sketchbook: #webcomics #santa
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Christmas freebee!

A special compilations of my Christmas appearances on Geekcast. We talk about a bunch of Christmas specials and one Christmas movie.

Wonderful fun. Have a great holiday, Das fans!

Official Post from Dasien: Merry Christmas, Das fans!Today's podcast is a super compilation of Christmas reviews, featuring Mike Blanchard and myself. You'll hear us talk about a bunch of bad cartoons, a few good ones, and one really terrible Christmas movie!I must warn you, the audio is quite poor....
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The state of things...

It's not been a good year for your humble author, I'm afraid. My illness hit at a bad time. While I've recovered and remain in good health today, I'm still dealing with the heavy consequence of what happened to me.

My personal life got impacted really hard. I haven't been able to work since March. While I've had a lot of downtime, that's been consumed with recovery and relearning how to even function. And I've had days where I just didn't even want to get out of bed.

I want to return to Dasien more than anything, but it is the most time-consuming thing that I do, and thus it usually gets neglected.

This isn't the end, but it's a concessions that things are not in an ideal state for me at the moment. There's so much work to do before the release of the new chapter. I don't have the faintest idea when that's getting done.

I also want to complete the Dasien Apocrypha, but again, my illness hit right as I was compiling it, and I'm still not sure where all the assets ended up. Some day that will be a thing. I just don't know when. It's a huge project.

Again, I'm sorry. I'm not depressed as much as I'm overwhelmed. I'm doing quite well. But this thing that I love has had to remain dormant for a long time, and I don't know what to do to reverse that.

Thank you remembering me and sticking by my projects. That's helped me heal more than anything else.

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The Dirty Pair!

One of the greatest duos ever!

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