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Kittyhawk illustrates the Diacon Bunnygirl!

Why? Because. That's why.

The Real Easter Bunny
I'm happy I got to illustrate the #Daicon #Bunnygirl for StevenLee. Daicon IV is an amazing part of anime history, and if you haven't watched it, do so now!

Watch the sped-up #stream video:
#gainax #anime #fanart #commissionsopen

Hope everyone has a sexy Easter!

From everyone here at Montrose Pub!

Get your chocolate on!

Streaming LIVE tonight! Be at at 9pm EDT (1am UTC, 11am AEST) for streaming fun. Good tunes, great chat, and the greatest bunnygirls, see you there! #easter #bunnygirl #bondi

Dirty Pair no Daibken Manga licensed by Seven Seas!

Kei and Yuri are back! In Pog form! Errr...I mean COMICS!

Not my sempai Adam Warren, mind you, but I'll take these over nothing at all!

A manga and light novel publisher, Seven Seas is devoted to producing high quality manga, comics, & novels with great stories and art!

RIP Monkey Punch

Lupin III is a classic. He will be missed.

Monkey Punch aka Kazuhiko Kato, the famed manga artist behind "Lupin the Third" has died at the age of 81. Kato's cause of death is thought to have been pneumonia.

Project A-Ko Versus: Grey Side/Blue Side

Two OVAs One Cup! The Project A-Ko story that took a huge left turn and kinda ended up sunsetting the franchise in the process.

This is taken from a Sci-Fi Channel broadcast, complete with commercials and with censorship to remove the things that gave us boners. Plus you get to see it in glorious VHS quality! Inexplicably, there's also a segment from Robot Carnival tacked onto the end, due to time, I presume.

I'd love to hear the explanation for the A-ko Versus OVAs. They kinda crappy as far as Project A-Ko goes, but they're kind of amusing. The second part does get better animation.

Perhaps it was an act of mercy that we never got any more A-Ko after this. They were never able to match what the first film did.

Uploaded by request. Crappy VHS quality, commercial infested & censored.. just like the good ol days. Enjoy. Recorded from the Scifi Channel Saturday Feb 1st...

Join us tonight at!

We'll be viewing SUPERTRAIN, the pilot movie of the TV show that nearly killed NBC! Watch the movie while Kittyhawk draws sexy art!

The show starts at 9PM Eastern Time/8 Central.

Featuring Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY)!

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