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Another Das sketchy pose!

19 hours ago (comment or like)

Dasien sketch

Playing around with muscles.

21 hours ago (comment or like)

Quickie News Update:

Apocrypha is coming.

Chapter 12 is being illustrated.

Crossoverpower is being outlined.

Podcasts are being recorded.

Neil is spinning many plates. Be patient.

Picture by Luke Barker.

Speaking of Luke...

Here's a rather lovely illustration of Das!


OMG... OMG... Crossoverpower...

Okay, so I shouldn't get myself psyched up yet, but I had a short powwow with Luke, and I like some of the ideas that came out of it. We're still a LONG way from producing this, but we're working on a concept that I'd been trying to get off the ground for like eight years.

And I can finally get back to that loose thread from Crossoverlord and yank on it really hard.

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