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Liberty returns with an all-new adventure with guest stars Victory and Dasien!

Page 31 (updated Thursday, 29 January 2015). is down.

I'm sure you've noticed. Or maybe not, since you haven't had a reason to go there in a couple of months.

Had some personal issues to take care of, so I had to postpone some of my comic duties. Sorry about that.

Believe it or not, I still have some crossover comics to finish up. And no, we haven't heard the last from the Dasien Holiday Digest, though I sadly had to cancel my Valentine Day comic. To be honest, it was kind of lame.

But there's another special day coming up, and I usually don't miss it, so stay tuned... maybe.

More Das coming soon!

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Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is the current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. She's also a total babe.

I hadn't actually heard of Ronda until very recently. I'm not a big MMA watcher. But she definitely has *that look*. The don't-call-me-a-tough-chick-cuz-I-can-legit-kick-your-ass look.

These types of girls have been my muse since my return to the comic.

It's actually a lot easier now to pack muscles onto Das and still have her look like a woman. That's something I don't think I could have done at the start of the comic, which was a time when my character models were pretty binary.

Ronda is a pretty good body match for Das. And with the added benefit of being an MMA fighter, she could actually provide some decent inspiration for those iconic Dasien fight scenes.

I guess I'll have to start watching MMA.

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TixieLix is an amazing artist!

Well I was gonna draw her with a kitten, but then I was thinking it's been done... a lot already. So I gave her another baby cat - a snow leopard cub and to put it all sorta into context, drew her 'snow' alt 1 costume in colour 10 to keep the colours monochromatic and her hair the same shade as the snow leopard's. The whole thing was real fun to draw, especially that lil fuzz ball X3

#streetfighter #cammy #cammywhite

Casual Wonder Woman by Brianne Drouhard.

Casual Wonder Woman by Brianne Drouhard.


With the store opening up soon, I think I might add the full version of this pic to the store as a print. What do you guys think?

I'll also be selling the costume! :D

Photo by Jason Chau Photography
Post Production by me :)

The final showdown between Star Warrior Robby and Dasien!

Will the dark powers that have consumed Dasien be Robby's doom???

Previous: Star Warrior Robby Issue 5: Cosmo Armor Unleashed! Next: To be continued... SWR and Dr. Iggman/ Story Dasien Florence, Melody and Olivia Simmo...
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