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There's a BOMBSHELL dropped on Fearless and Energize!

Page 12 (updated Friday, 23 June 2017).
Guess what I'm adding to the Netflix queue...

Clear you're schedule, you'll want to binge all of GLOW on Netflix this weekend.

The Power Heroes site is still there

The original Liberty comics site is still up in good ol' static HTML. Nothing too fancy. It's basically a museum of what websites used to look like back in 2001.

The whole thing's been preserved without any intrusion from me. Well...for the most part. I streamlined the site a little and had to convert the original Flash comic to static pages. But it's the same otherwise.

Although it's Dasien's old URL, if you try to navigate back to Dasien's index page, it kicks you out to the new site.

Imbued with powers from the xeno-virus and wearing her sexy flag suit, Jessica Lynn Welles has become the Platinum Patriot, Liberty The American Girl. Liberty is a CG-rendered poser comic from the late 90s and early 2000s. It is reprinted with permission from author Alan Brzozowski.

In today's issue of Fearless, Bombshell drops in!

Second half of the chapter will be in a few days once I stop being a slowbee.

Every little boy's first ship characters...

2-Part update starting tonight

With all my projects colliding, I'm still a little behind on the comic front, but there WILL be an update tonight, one way or another. The first half of Fearless part 3 goes up tonight, and a second half hopefully later this weekend.

And something else coming in the future...

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