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You know how I'm always raving about OLD anime and OLD Japanese-style art? You know how I'm constantly saying that someone needs to draw in this style again. Well check THIS GUY out!

Holy shit, I thought I was looking at screen shots of old anime films when I first saw his art. I'm absolutely blown away that there's finally someone out there who draws like this.

You, sir... You have a fan in me. (I assume you're a dude.)

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Best Power Girl cosplayer ever.

Cara Nicole rocks!

Oh, quit complaining, Billy.

Here's my 17th Inktober entry! Something of asuggestion if they want to reboot origin stories again. Sorry I haven't posted much here lately! I've been doing daily Inktober entries over on my...
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Alright, I admit that I'm not a huge fan of the Teen Titans cartoon, but it's hard to deny that these are the defacto versions of these characters now. Especially Raven. They really dolled up Raven for the cartoon and the resulting cosplay has been glorious. There is certainly NO SHORTAGE of Raven costumes. Almost every cosplayer does Raven at some point. Even guys, apparently.

Cosplay is an interesting experiment in what does and does not work in the real world. Not that I would necessarily care, but as an artist, you can see which costumes would have a tougher time keeping body parts from popping out.

It's also an interesting insight into what women actually fancy themselves wearing. I've found that there's a stark difference between being "sexualized" and being sexy cool. Simply put, people are perfectly fine looking sexy as fuck as long as they can look cool.

It's a fascinating study into superhero fashion for which there is seemingly no end. There's always something new to learn, and I'm happy to look at the costumes again and again.

Study! Study! Study!

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Wonder Woman taking on Doomsday

Wonder Woman and Doomsday square off in this epic clip from Death of Superman, which hit digital on July 24 and will be released on home video on August 7. T...
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Weird Science fan service!

#sexy #leotard #leggy #LeotardsRock #LeotardsRule #ILoveLeotards #fanservice

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