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The Solid Gold Dancers

2 weeks ago (comment or like)

If you've ever wondered why Dasien has such big hair.

That 80s hair!
2 weeks ago (comment or like)

RIP Norm Breyfogle

Famous comic book artist Norm Breyfogle, known for his work on Batman, passed away on Monday at the age of 58 in Houghton, Michigan.
3 weeks ago (comment or like)

Don't need money, don't take fame,
Don't need no credit card to buy this dame.

That's The Power of Sexy!

Head on over to Sketchbook to watch a sped-up video of me working on 24 pages of comics. 20.5 hours becomes 4 minutes! ALSO! Download a FREE COMIC! I hope you like muscle girls, vehicles, and BOOBS:
#comics #24hcd #bikini #beach #musclegirl
3 weeks ago (comment or like)


Goldie's laugh originates from Naga the Serpent, of course. The staple character when it comes to this laugh.

But in reality, it's been used all throughout anime, manga, and video games. It's also infiltrated its way into western culture, with character in Steven Universe and My Little Pony using the laugh.

The noble woman character is a trope that is often bestowed upon a snooty, stuck-up person (not necessarily female) with an inflated ego, but not necessarily the foremost antagonist. Indeed, it's funnier the more inept the character is.

Naga the Serpent (Gracia Ul Naga Saillune) Sorceress Ojou-sama laugh
4 weeks ago (comment or like)

24-Hour Comic Challenge next week!

It's a new Parker Lynn Bailey comic!!!

1 month ago (comment or like)

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