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Quickie Update...

Dasien Swimsuit Issue is coming along swimmingly. (a-hyuck!) Gonna be up either tonight or tomorrow night. Thank you to all who participated!

I may actually leave entries open for a little while, so if you want to draw some beach cuties in the Dasien Universe, please do!

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Dasien's pals, the Gene-Sis girls!

It would be fun to do another adventure with Mel and her pals. Maybe someday. It seems like a "Dasien & Her Amazing Friends" parody would be appropriate.

Cada uma voa como pode, hehe.

Quickie reminder that you guys have 11 days to do a Dasien swimsuit illustration. Any character you like! Just have fun!

Thank you infinity to Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY) for getting me the high-res asset for this, so I could manipulate it more easily.

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A step back in time...

Liberty The American Girl comics were originally featured on a website called Power Heroes before migrating to The original site, in its early 2000s glory, is recreated and archived on Comic Genesis, where it will stay for as long as Keenspot wants to keep the lights on.

It features only the adventures that existed before Dasien, and there are also sections to the site that you won't find on

Imbued with powers from the xeno-virus and wearing her sexy flag suit, Jessica Lynn Welles has become the Platinum Patriot, Liberty The American Girl. Liberty is a CG-rendered poser comic from the late 90s and early 2000s. It is reprinted with permission from author Alan Brzozowski.
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Dasien Swimsuit Issue!

So here's the scoop to this impromptu swimsuit thing. Anyone can submit art. You can pick ANY character you want. They just gotta be in swimwear.

You got until August 21st to get them in. You can send me a private message here on Facebook, but I would prefer that you send them to the email address that's on the website. (Scroll down to the bottom of any page on the site and click on Neil's name!)

The Swimsuit Issue will be posted on August 22nd, which is Neil's birthday. I don't expect to be huge. This is just for funzies!

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