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New podcast!

And yes, it's another anime commentary.

Official Post from Dasien: Yes, I have this movie, and I did a commentary of it. If you have this movie, lucky you! If not, you can still listen along, because I've got jokes and funny stories to tell!

Project Eden Commentary Track!

January's Das HQ podcast bonus was a commentary track for the first Dirty Pair movie, Project Eden. For one whole dollar, you can get this podcast plus past episodes of Das HQ.

Leggy girls, hijinx, and death. Lots and lots of death.

Plus I tell you some stories about me and my friends and an encounter I had with an anime elitist.

Official Post from Dasien: Yeah, I've been derelict on my podcasting duties, so let's talk some anime!Dirty Pair is a classic franchise and one that was pivotal to inspiring Dasien. Let's watch this flick together!

Now wait a titty-squishy minute!

I've seen some embellishments to Das's bust size, but that's quite a stretch!

I have it on good word that Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY) has something to do with this!!!

Anyhoo, I hope this one keeps you guys warm on this cold, cold day here in Freedom Country, USA.

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Becky Lynch

Another beauty from WWE. Pro wrestling is an unique case in our day and age in which you get to see how people would dress themselves if they were larger-than-life cartoon characters.

In designing characters for my stories and creating great visual fantasy, I try to be mindful of how people fantasize about themselves. My operating theory is that it's all about the desire to have an awesome physical presence.

The thing is, as much as people have become hyper-sensitive to sexualization in media these days, I've noticed that the way men and women view themselves has only gotten more sexual. It's simply a matter of tapping into that that allows me to ride the razor's edge between legitimate storytelling and blatant cheesecake.

As the little girl in the commercial meme would say, "Why not both?".

Anyway, thank you for listening to my mindless jibber, assuming you've pealed your eyes off of Becky long enough to read. I know, I wouldn't post it if I didn't enjoy staring at it myself.

I swear I'm working on something special for you guys.

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Becky Lynch of WWE...

Haven't watched wrestling in a good while, but I'm liking the way the women's division of shaping up these days.

3 weeks ago (comment or like)

More Dirty Pair...

This time, from the anime. This is one from Project Eden. I do love the dynamic facial expression here, but that's not why I'm sharing it.

It's the color. I know I've seen this a few times in older cartoons, where the color switches to an abstract palette. I don't really know what effect this is meant to convey, but I really like it.

If I understood it more, and if I actually thought people would understand what I was doing, I'd actually use coloring like this from time to time. To my eyes, it's brilliant, but some people are just thrown by stuff like this.

As it is, it seems people don't understand abstract colors in general. For example, Yuri here typically has blue hair in the anime, but to me, blue hair is just an abstract way of conveying dark (black or raven-colored) hair, because blue is more dynamic than black. It's like, people today see blue hair on a cartoon character and think that it literally means blue hair.

And I think to myself, how did we even get here? Why do people not get coloring?

Ben Carver and I had a very similar observation about Spider-Man. Originally, Spider-Man's costume in the 1960s was intended to be red and black, but colorists would substitute black with blue as a more dynamic color choice. As a result, Spider-Man's costume palette eventually switched to red and blue.

Likewise, the green color of the Hulk was an abstract choice, as the original color was gray. Green was just more interesting to look at, and over time, it became the defacto color.

It makes me apprehensive about using abstracts, because although I like it, it's a problem getting people to wrap their heads around it.

A key example from my own work is Dasien's costume, which is supposed to be black, but it's colored a dark gray (with a very slight blue tint). I don't color it black, because that doesn't convey well. I've found that whenever handing the character to another artist, I have to include a note stating the costume is black and that the artist should color the costume in accordance to their own color theory. Otherwise, I've run into the occasional artist who doesn't get that.

All of this makes me wonder if people today would see this image of Yuri from Dirty Pair and assume that she's some blue-skinned alien chick.

Anyway, I better tie this one off before I start ranting about the good ol' days and telling you whipper snappers to get off my lawn.

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